Industry leader

The experience acquired over the years and successful market participation have made PROFILMEC GROUP an undisputed leader in the field of precision electrically welded tube and profile production.

The use of top quality materials from major Italian global steel works together with cutting edge technology enabling the group to provide its customers with reliable and constant collaboration.
The entire product range is ample and diversified with possibility for personalizing products to cater to customer needs. Available diameters are from 8mm to 120mm with thicknesses from 0.5 to 3 mm.

PROFILMEC GROUPS' commitment to improving and adapting its products in search of new markets is ongoing. Recently access for uses was made in the sectors of doors, window frames, conveyor rollers (stationary rollers) and belt conveyer devices.

The PROFILMEC GROUP sales network covers the whole of Europe and major market references throughout the Mediterranean.

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